Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am so tempted to add some 100% silk yarn to my range.
The sheen on a pure silk yarn is just amazing!

I’m looking at a fine mulberry silk lace yarn with 900m/100gm. 
That’s enough for a beautiful shawl but it’s fine knitting.
Too fine? Would you do it?

There is another option of a mulberry silk yarn with 390m/100gm.
That’s fingering so like a sock yarn. But 390m would hardly
 make a shawl so you would need 2 skeins for most projects.
Silk is amazingly beautiful but not cheap...

What do you reckon?
Which one should I start with? Or just go with both?
Any comments would be much appreciated!


Photo © MiaInspiration

This is an example of what you can create with 
2 skeins of the 390m/100g mulberry silk.

(Three skeins/colours have been used in this shawl, 
but two skeins is enough to make the shawl.)


  1. I love knitting with pure silk, and I love the draping of the finished shawl. You can never get the same with a wool yarn or a wool/silk blend. For me the 900m/100gr is too fine, but it would make a stunning shawl indeed.

    Hugs <3

  2. I would love some of this! Definitely two skeins though for a shawl or something - maybe a Christmas present to myself?

    1. Hi Jo! Would you mainly be interested in the fine lace 900m/100g? Or the thicker one as well?

    2. Actually probably just the thicker one! Then I can make a chunky shawl with only a little bit of lace - I keep stuffing up lace patterns and it's a lot easier to hide mistakes in a wool blend!