Thursday, October 11, 2012



I found out that you're actually not allowed to run competitions 
on facebook, so I have closed the give-away...

But to make up for that I will run a new competition here! Yay!

Same prize again – two skeins of the lovely 
hand-dyed cotton in the colour of your choice.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what 
colour(s) you like and why you would like to win the yarn.
Follow the page and you will go twice in the draw.

Leave me a comment before Sunday 14 October, 9PM (NZ time) 
and you could be the lucky winner!

If you would like to know more about running competitions on facebook, 
click the link below for a good website that explains it all.


  1. Would love to win this!! Maybe the apricot/pink or blue would be fantastic!!! :) Actually I like the purple!

  2. Oh! all the colors are so lovely! I want it because I want to feel it with my own hands and hopefully make something beautiful with it :) Any color will do for me.

  3. I would love two skeins of red so that I could knit a scarf for my 83-year-old mother who can't wear wool!


  4. I would love some sunny yellow, such a happy colour! I haven't knit many things with cotton before, but I think it would be just perfect for a summer shawl. *fingers tightly crossed*

  5. Two skeins of aquamarine would be beautiful.... it would make a lovely summer cardi for little girl :) Thanks for the opportunity :)

  6. I would love to win this, I have lost a lot of weight and I am looking at knitting myself a wonderful cardigan, I have not knitted in cotton and would love this to be my opportunity to do so..:) your cotton looks great and the colour I would love would be either the purple at the bottom in middle or the grey at right side at the bottom row.

  7. Green or Orange would be the colours I chose..

    I want to knit a bandana like cowl.. hard to describe but I know what it is in my head.. lol..

  8. What a bummer you had to close your FB comp :o(

    You know what I like ha ha - I love the pinks / purples and the sky blue colours!!!!! I just love it all really.

    And why do I want it? Because a good friend told me I have an addiction and I need to feed it ;op

    No seriously - Riley's school gala is coming up and I have a knitted stall to sell my goodies and Happy Go Knitty cotton would just top it off PERFECTLY :o)


  9. I love the bright blue third from the right and the pink two skeins over. The pink matches my hair. I just learned to make socks and this would make a perfect pair for me!


  10. I love the green second from the right, I'd love to crochet something for a friend's first baby! That green colour reminds me of all the fresh spring growth around in the garden at the moment.

  11. is that a pink and orange skeing I see in there? That would be my pick.

    Thanks for the second chance,

  12. actually .... scrub that. I just scrolled down in Facebook and saw that I won the "illegal" competition :-) Thanks so much!

    1. Congrats Charlotte – I bet winning an ’illegal‘ competition put an extra twist on your Friday evening!

  13. All your yarn is beautiful, such happy bright colours! I'd love two contrasting colours to knit up a stripy cheerful scarf :D

  14. Pinks or purple would knit something summery for my twin girls :)

  15. I just love this yarn! It`s hard to find in Sweden. I´m goning to knit for babys i africa. So that the have someting when the go home for the first time!

    In purpel and aquamarine!


  16. Very excited to get a second chance to win some beautiful yarn, my stash is still small but I would love some of your yarn to make the "clara dress" I just got the pattern in the mail after a very lengthy wait!

  17. Blue :) it's for a sweater for my little boy :)

  18. A second chance would be wonderful. I would like 2 skeins of the fuschia or else the lavender. I always like trying a new yarn, for me.

  19. I love peacocks and purples, I would love to win the yarn as I'm now on a yarn diet which I'm finding really rather tough!

  20. I love the blues and purple. It would be great to make something with this yarn. I have so many ideas!!!

  21. I would love the ice blue to knit a sleeveless summer T shirt. Lovely glossy cotton, beautifully dyed.

    But seeing others comments makes me take flight and think of a bright summer shawlette - all colours so beautiful. Congratulations.

  22. All your colours are so beautifully delicious - I'd be happy to win any of them, should I be so lucky! I have a baby due in the summertime and I'd love to knit him/her a few cotton bits of clothing. :)

    Thank you!!