Thursday, November 18, 2010

Knit kits

I now have my stripy cuffs packaged as a Knit kit.
And not only in the colours on the label, but lots of variations.
You can see them in other colours here, but more combinations are available.

Included in the kit is lovely 100% NZ merino wool and the pattern.
They are not listed in my felt shop yet, but feel free to send me an email
if you would like to buy a kit. The kit is NZD$25 (plus postage).

Or come and see me at a market!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Xmas market

This Sunday, 21 November, is the big Christmas market here in Devonport.
There will be around 60 stalls and lots of cool and funky crafts.
Great prezzies!

It's on 10am–3pm so there is plenty of time.

You can take a sneak peak on the goodies by checking out the
Christmas Gift Guide

See ya!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love the shot!

I’m so busy at the moment – frantically knitting, creating some cool kits,
sorting funky packaging and much more for the upcoming Xmas markets.

Thanks to my lovely hubby and two gorgeous models, I managed to sort
some great photos the other day. They will be used for some packaging and...
well, other things!

This is the main photo, I love it.

(Photo Dag Young)

Thanks R and M, you did a great job!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Super Mario necklace

I have some busy days coming up and I’m really excited about it!

Saturday 6 Nov – Xmas market in St Heliers
This market actually starts on Friday night with Champagne shopping! Nice!
Unfortunately I can’t make it, but I will be there on Saturday.

Sunday 7 Nov – Devonport Craft Market
It’s going to be huge this time and there will be lots of funky stuff.
Don’t miss out!

Monday 8 Nov – Society of Brilliant Ideas
It’s Auckland Art Week and the creative collective SOIB will have an open night
in conjunction with Rakinos. Art exhibtion combined with craft market,
it can’t get much better!

For times and locations, please look in the left column.

I have some new stuff to show you,
they will all be at the markets.

Super Mario necklace – embroidered with hand-dyed cotton.

Skull necklace – embroidered with hand-dyed cotton,
with lots of sparkles on the crown.

Knitted flowers – the two finished ones are brooches but I’m considering
putting the unfinished one on a chain and make it a necklace.
Knitted with hand-dyed cotton.

Bead-knitted bracelets – once again my hand-dyed cotton