Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I am so lucky!

I have an incredibly talented sister – MiA! She dyes and spins and crochets and knits and everything she makes comes out absolutely stunning!

A little while ago she posted pics of an amazing shawl she had knitted – the beautiful 'Dreambird'.

My jaw dropped when I found the shawl in my letterbox today. She has sent it as an early birthday present although my birthday is not until October! But it's getting cooler here in Auckland so I will start using it straight away.

Am I lucky or what! Thanks so much, MiA!

If you would like to make this beautiful shawl, MiA spins the perfect yarn for it and you can buy it in her etsy shop. The pattern can be found on ravelry.

Below are some skeins she's got available. Pop over and grab one before they disappear!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Preps for the hearts

Today I have been preparing the instructions for the class I will be teaching at Handmade 2013 in Wellington in two weeks.

Hubby took photos while I knitted a brooch. Tonight I will put together all the instructions. I hope it will make sense to my students!

There are still spaces available for my class if you would like to learn how to bead knit and make a brooch. You can enroll here >>.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Knitted art

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to knit a piece of art for a Swedish magazine (Magasinet Filter).

Tadaaa! Here it is! 

The copy reads:

June/July according to Knitty Graffity aka Helene Dehmer

Knitty Graffity aka Helene Dehmer is a Swedish crafter living in New Zealand. This summer she will celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day by spreading colurful, knitted graffiti starting Saturday 8 June.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wow – photos

Wonders of Wool was such a busy market, I didn't have time to take photos until half-way through so lots of goodies are already missing here.

Still – here are some photos from Happy-go-knitty's stall at Wonders of Wool, Wellington Underground market.


Happy-go-knitty stall

Merino/silk lace weight

BFL sock yarn

Merino/silk sock yarn

Cotton skeins and kits

Kid's cotton beanies and kits for flower brooch

Bead-knitted merino cuffs, stripy cuffs, tangle-free earphones (on stand)
and Knit Kits: earphones, stripy cuffs and bead-knitted cuffs.