Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shawl pins

Today I brought out my beads, cause dear sis had put an idea in my head.
The result – shawl pins!

I'm bringing them to Titirangi Village Market tomorrow.

See you there?

Show the world that you're the Crochet Queen!
Do you believe in angels?
Or in fairies?
Add some colour!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have noticed quite a few new visitors to my blog,
many of you thanks to Alice.


Happy-go-knitty is hand-dyed yarn and knitted goodies.
My range of yarn includes BFL sock yarn,
silk/merino lace weight, 4ply cotton and the odd other quality.
I dye semi-solid and self-striping yarn.

My specialty in knitted goodies is bead-knitted cuffs and
cotton kid's beanies.But I have lots of other things in my range.

Below you can find some samples of Happy-go-knitty.

Self-striping 100% BFL sock yarn

 4ply 100% cotton
50/50 silk/merino lace weight

bead-knitted cuffs made of 100% NZ merino

kid's beanies made of 4ply 100% cotton

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Luscious lace

Some new luscious lace is available in my shop at Oh, For Crafts' Sake.
NZ$36 + shipping

More to come...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

African Flower Bag kit

Isn't this bag just stunning!?

My clever sister MiA has created this beautiful bag.
The bag was made with her hand-dyed cotton yarn but
she doesn't dye cotton anymore. I'm happy to let you know
 that Happy-go-knitty cotton is the same yarn!

Would you like to make your own bag?

Well, MiA sells the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy
and I can put together a kit of yarn in the colours of your choice.

The kit includes:
2 x 50g background colour
1 x 50g 'centre' on the flowers
3 x 50g for the flowers


2 x 50g background colour
1 x 50g 'centre' on the flowers
2 x 50g + 5 x 10g for the flowers

NZ$90 + postage
AUS$75 + postage
US$80 + postage

MiA doesn't just make beautiful patterns
– she also dyes and spins the most amazing yarn!

Check out her blog, it's full of inspiration. 
Below you can see some samples of her beautiful
hand-spun yarn.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beautiful shawl

A month ago I received an email from Trish who wanted to buy a skein of the silk/merino lace yarn. She picked the blue skein in the post below.

Today she emailed me photos of her shawl – isn't it just stunning!

It's 1 metre from the unfringed edge to the top (bottom) of
the triangle, and about 1.7m across the unfringed edge.  
And yes, she can pull it through her wedding ring!

Love your work, Trish!
Would you like to try the silk/merino lace yarn?
Colours available at the moment are:
Green, variegated green, light blue, denim,
pink, light burgundy and purple/burgundy.