Wednesday, February 8, 2012

African Flower Bag kit

Isn't this bag just stunning!?

My clever sister MiA has created this beautiful bag.
The bag was made with her hand-dyed cotton yarn but
she doesn't dye cotton anymore. I'm happy to let you know
 that Happy-go-knitty cotton is the same yarn!

Would you like to make your own bag?

Well, MiA sells the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy
and I can put together a kit of yarn in the colours of your choice.

The kit includes:
2 x 50g background colour
1 x 50g 'centre' on the flowers
3 x 50g for the flowers


2 x 50g background colour
1 x 50g 'centre' on the flowers
2 x 50g + 5 x 10g for the flowers

NZ$90 + postage
AUS$75 + postage
US$80 + postage

MiA doesn't just make beautiful patterns
– she also dyes and spins the most amazing yarn!

Check out her blog, it's full of inspiration. 
Below you can see some samples of her beautiful
hand-spun yarn.

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  1. Lovely African Flower Bag! I would like to collect few of them spectacular bag. Thanks for allocation.