Friday, January 11, 2013

A cotton rainbow

I dyed some 100% cotton the other day and here are some of the skeins!

Note that my roman salad is growing really well. :)


  1. What is everyone knitting your wonderful "Rainbow Cotton" up into? i could imagine shawls, but i don't want to knit a shawl and i would sincerely be interested in you answers please?

    1. I mainly knit cotton beanies for kids out of the cotton. I also make flower brooches and kits for people to make their own flower brooches. I sell the yarn in 50gram skeins and 5gram balls and I probably sell more of the small balls than the skeins. People use them for small crafts, tapestry, applications or to add a few stripes to something they bought full skeins for.

  2. Beautiful! Happy just looking at the rainbow of colors....