Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A family affair

My family is very crafty and arty.

My hubby is a fantastic artist and a great musician.
My son is very interested in architecture and 3D graphics.
My daughter is crafty and loves singing and dancing.

My sister MiA is an amazing fibre artist.
I really recommend a visit to her blog, Minspiration,
it gives you heaps of inspiration.

And my mum is very crafty too. 
She has just visited us for a couple of weeks 
and look what she whipped up from sheep skin 
and hand-dyed yarn!

I couldn't make up my mind about the colours, 
so asked her for a mix on mine.

These are for my daughter who loves green and purple!

These slippers are soft and warm
and an absolute dream to wear!


  1. I want a pair!!!! She is very clever, and I was so glad to meet her at the weekend. Now I want to see her rugs, too, please :) Dianne

  2. waw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. they are amazing! You should start selling them as kits!

  4. I should talk with your mum - I make sheepskin slippers like this, but more of a boot style so goes up around the ankle. Maybe we could swap patterns!
    They are warm and comfy aren't they, just the best!

  5. Delicious - for beautiful warm toes.