Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hand-dyed merino

I’ve been very busy lately, working on lots of new goodies for the winter season.
And not just knitted stuff, oh no, I will bring new yarns to the markets!
I have started dyeing super soft 8ply merino, beautiful to knit.

These are the colours I will bring to Devonport Craft Market, next Sunday.

I have a new range of beanies as well, knitted from the gorgeous merino.
Here are some samples.

I have dyed some cotton yarn in new colours.

And I have learned a lesson – even if it’s tempting to speed up the process,
never, EVER, wash the cotton yarn in the washing machine...


  1. Vilka fantastiska färger! Och helt underbart busiga beanies!

  2. do you use natural dyes? and if so what natural dyes. I'm a huge fan of all your work, the world is a better place ffor having people like you in it...A

  3. @Cottageorgan – thank you, what a lovely comment! :)

    For my merino I use Landscape dyes. For the cotton I have so far used a tie dye that I have imported from overseas. Next time I will give it a go with Procion MX.

  4. Ha Ha love the yellow... betthat was a long winding job to get it into the hanks needed... but such a beautiful sunshiny colour...
    Love all your dyed colours... so absolutely dreamy...