Friday, August 20, 2010

Space invaders

I love space invaders!
So I came up with the idea to bead-knit them on cuffs.
Pretty cool, eh!

Black merino cuffs with silver beads

Another one soon to be finished

I’m doing a market in Royal Oak tomorrow.
I have heard that it’s a great market with a wonderful atmosphere
so I’m really excited!

I have finished some new products for the market and yes,
the space invaders are coming along as well!

Black merino cuffs with silver beads

Black merino cuffs with golden sparkly beads

Black merino cuffs with turqoise sparkly beads

And some new pretty flowers on hair clips and hair ties,
made of my hand-dyed cotton yarn

I have also made a treat for myself.
A bright, funky flower brooch for my hot pink coat!


  1. Just love your "Space Invaders" cuffs, they are very cool. Sadly I'm showing my age here as I remember it as one of the first ever video games. And we wonder why our kids sit in front of play station etc for hours!

  2. Hrrrm, I know... But Space Invaders are soo cool!

  3. Hi Helene. I love the space invaders. I met you at the last Devonport craft fair. I saw one off your cool graffiti pieces yesterday at the warf. Anyway, I'm gonna come down to the next craft fair and play some music on my guitar, try to earn some cash. Maybe see you there? Keep knitting...Anthony