Friday, May 7, 2010

Fingerless mittens

I’m doing the Mother’s Day market in Parnell tomorrow
and I will have a new product with me – fingerless mittens.

I have extended the cuff and knitted with a thicker wool.
So far I have only had time to make three pairs, but there will be more!


  1. I am in the market for fingerless gloves. Do you sell on Felt? The link didn't take me to your page (if you have one) . If you don't, you should get one girl!

  2. Hi Jo, no I haven’t had time to list on Felt yet but it’s definitely on my “things-to-do”-list!
    If you’re in the neighbourhood, I will be at the Devonport Craft Market this Sunday. Or if you would like to order a pair, feel free to drop me a line. Email address in the web header. Cheers