Sunday, September 1, 2013


Haha, no, I will stick to my brand name but I have finally learned how to crochet and I'm really enjoying it!

I have always struggled with crochet... After sooo many years of knitting I couldn't get my head around how to hold the hook and use my hands – they just wanted to knit!

But at KAN last weekend (oh btw it was brilliant! If you live in NZ you should go next year!) I took a class in crochet for beginners and this week I have done quite a bit of practicing.

I started with just practicing the stitches. And yes, it's a bit wiggly and askew but that's ok!

Then I moved on to 'ripple'. Lucy at Attic24 has got a very good pattern if you would like to give it a try.

I love Lucy's rainbow blanket and would love to make one but will try to be sensible and start out with a cushion. I'm thinking the red, orange and hot pink shades of my cotton yarn would look great!

And one day I WILL make a blanket with all my cotton shades!